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AirZone V1.2

Standard License
Standard License
You may use any number of instances of this module in any number of your projects. You may not use the module in any way that is not specifically allowed by the General Terms and Conditions.

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This module controls one or more AirZone HVAC systems with Crestron over TCP/IP. Each "AirZone Installation" module allows you to add multiple "AirZone Systems" with each multiple "AirZone Zones".


“Airzone root” module 

You will need one instance of this module in your program. It will report when the AirZone modules have been successfully initialized and allows you to turn on Debugging. 

“AirZone Installation” module 

These modules allow you to control multiple AirZone installations with one processor. Each Airzone installation will be represented by an AirZone server. Add one “AirZone installation” module in your program for each of such server. The module allows you to define the IP address and parameters of the AirZone installation you are controlling. 


“AirZone System” module

An AirZone installation consists out of one or more AirZone systems. You will need one instance of this module per AirZone system. The demo program only shows one system but depending on your installation you can add more.


“AirZone Zone” module

An AirZone system consists out of one or more AirZone zones. You will need one instance of this module per individual AirZone

Module details
Communication TCP/IP
Help File Included
2-Series Not supported
4-Series Supported
3-Series Supported
Demo Program Included