NOTE: We recently updated our licensing model. All modules have been updated and any new license will be generated with the new model. Please, contact us when updating older versions of a module, we will relicense your module free of charge.

Check your module's help file for more information on which versions are affected.


We are currently looking into moot for providing our users with a forum based support system. Moot is a startup offering a new take on commenting and forums. It only launched this month (April 2013) after 3,5 years of developing and provides a way to easily embed customizable commenting in an existing site. You can read all about it in their Manifesto.

We have setup a CresMods forum, on which you can easily register or login using your facebook credentials. In the meantime, we are looking into the possibility of having you login with you CresMods username and password. We will evaluate whether it would come in handy to embed commenting per module in the CresMods website. Let us know what you think!

The CresMods forum is setup with three subforums:

  • Modules
    You can use this subforum for all you questions about modules on the CresMods website. It will be monitored by both the modules' providers and ourselves in order to come up with answers ASAP.

  • Requests
    Let us know which modules you are looking for. Whether it is a drivers for a certain thrid party device or a piece of logic you could use in your programs.

  • Website
    Any remarks and questions you have or problems you may come across when using our website or the Moot forum. This is the place!

Note that we are currently only setting up this forum to provide you with an additional way to contact us or reach out to the provider of the module you downloaded. You can still contact us directly as well.

Thank you,