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Sonos Control V5.10

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Device License
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Now there is no more need for compromising on your system designs and processor capabilities when including an array of Sonos players.

V5.X is a module written in the new Crestron Platform SIMPL# which allows instant control and feedback without influencing the processors capabilities.

This module controls one Sonos player over IP. The module includes:

    • Transport controls + feedback
    • Volume control + feedback
    • Now playing feedback with cover art
    • 20 Sonos Favorites live from your Sonos library

    Changes made in your Sonos favorite library are automatically updated with the Sonos Control module.

    The following features are currently not included, but on the roadmap:

    • Browsing
    • Input selection
    • Third party music services
    • Grouping

    Stay tuned for further updates. All purchased licenses get future updates for free:

    This module is completely written in SIMPL# to maximize performance. Make sure you also copy the "Sonos Control.clz" file in your project folder.

    Please refer to the “Sonos Control Demo Program” for correct use.

    This module has been tested on a RMC3 controlling 3 Sonos players simultaneously.

    If you encounter any problems implementing this module, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Your feedback is highly appreciated.

    Module details
    Communication IP
    3-Series Yes
    2-Series No
    Help file Included
    Demo program Included
    Live Feedback Yes