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Manhattan V1.9

€ 990
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Device License
Device License
Each purchase will be licensed to 1 processor by MAC address. You may use any number of instances of a Device Licensed module in one processor. Upon purchase you can immediate download the module and start using it for testing purposes. It will remain active for 2 hours on every program restart. To fully unlock the module go to 'My Purchases' and complete your license with the processor's MAC address.

For more information please refer to our General Terms and Conditions


To use our Crestron driver for Manhattan you need both the “Manhattan Config” module and the “Manhattan Panel” module. Both module are provided in the demo program.

The config module needs to be copied in your program only once. It provides the necessary parameters, inputs and outputs to provide the Manhattan server details, enter the license key obtained from and initialize the program. Check the help file of this module on how to properly initialize the panel modules.

The panel module needs to be copied once for each panel.

One license obtained at allows you to setup one processor with the config module in combination with multiple panel modules. We have successfully implemented and tested up to 20 panel modules isolated (no other logic running) on one processor. You can use the module more than 20 time on one processor at your own risk.
Module details
3-Series Yes
2-Series No
Demo program included Yes
Demo layout included Yes
Rooms per license 20
Simpl# Yes
Extend meetings Yes